About us

Perpetua is a slow fashion brand started by Kristin Johnson, yoga teacher and fashion designer. We make clothing that transcends trend and season. Our timeless, key pieces will last and look just as good today as they will in 20 years. We encourage you to slow down and breathe. Connect with your clothes, find out where they came from, and where they go when you part ways. We don't buy into the notion that owning lots of stuff makes us happy. That way of thinking is as much a poison to our souls as pesticides are to our planet. We believe in quality over quantity.
We support our local communities by producing right here in St. Louis and we use the most environmentally friendly fabrics we can find- organic cotton, hemp, and recycled materials with low impact dyes.
We focus on sustainability in the clothing life cycle- reducing consumption and waste and giving back what we don't need. Each of us has the power to shift our collective consciousness through our everyday choices. We want you to think about where your money goes and spend more mindfully.

Be the change. Slow down. Shop small. Be kind to yourself and our planet.

We are moved to offer you products that are made with continuous life cycles in mind. You can help us give your Perpetua clothes a new life. Read about our Zero Waste Program here.